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Red Truck Electrical in Nelson, BC


Automation & Lighting Controls

Home automation has developed at a remarkable pace, now letting you control your home’s heat, air conditioning, lighting and more – from anywhere in the world.

Imagine being able to set lights, temperature and even window blinds to pre-selected levels with the push of a single button on your smart phone. You’ll never have to walk into a cold dark home again.

But it’s more than just convenience. Home automation can also help you save energy and money, by shutting off standby power to electronic appliances, closing blinds to reduce the need for heating or air conditioning, and dimming lights throughout your home.

Best of all, because many automation systems are wireless, it’s a simple non-invasive solution for existing homes retrofits. It also gives you full control from anywhere – across the country, in your driveway, or from anywhere in you home on wall-mounted, tabletop, or handheld controls.

That makes it great for vacation properties, letting you raise the blinds during the day to take advantage of the sun’s warming rays in the winter, and close them at night to keep the heat in. Since lights and blinds can be controlled remotely or automated to a set schedule, your empty home never looks empty.

Plus, there’s the luxury of arriving home to a warm and well-lit house – whether you’ve been away for a day or a season.